This is the time of year when we come together with our family and friends and think about what makes us feel truly grateful. Here at Create My Newsletter, before we head home for turkey, stuffing, and football, we would like to publicly give thanks for our bread and butter: content marketing.

Although “content marketing” is sometimes disparaged as corporate jargon invented in the 1990s, the ideas behind content marketing have been around for more than a century. In fact, in 1895, John Deere created what is considered to be the first custom publication, The Furrow, a magazine for farmers that is still in circulation today. Since then, the media and channels have changed dramatically, and their sheer number has exploded, but the purpose is the same: connect with your customers by providing relevant, authentic content.

At their heart, people haven’t changed much either. Seven out of ten consumers say they would prefer to learn more about a company or product in an article over an ad, which means that every time you send out your company’s newsletter, it’s a chance to be a trusted, informational resource to your customers. In other words, it’s a chance to build a relationship between your brand and your customers.

At Create My Newsletter, we focus on email marketing because we have found that it is the most effective way to routinely stay in touch with your client base and reach your goals, whether that’s getting more website traffic, raising awareness of your brand, increasing sales, or all of the above. This is doubly true for small businesses with limited marketing budgets who want to get the most bang for their buck. Our analytics even let us prove it to you.

We think that’s pretty powerful stuff for something so simple. And for that, we give thanks.