We’re in the final crush of holiday shopping and gift-giving, and even if your business doesn’t sell products or services that are traditionally associated with holiday gifts, the Create My Newsletter team always has ideas up our sleeves to keep your messaging and brand authentic, while talking to your customers in the right way for this special time of year.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday are over for this year, but some of the biggest shopping days of the year are still ahead. A full 78% of shoppers used the internet to research holiday gifts last year, so it’s still crucial to get your content marketing messages out before the new year begins.

If your business sells services rather than products, it may feel difficult to use the holidays to your advantage, but remember that your voice and message are everything to your customers. From a marketing standpoint, remember that a lot of services that aren’t major holiday sells might tempt all the people who inevitably make a new year’s resolution to be more organized or conscientious in 2016.

A local mechanic, for instance, might have a hard time selling brake pads for Christmas or wiper fluid for Hanukkah, but he can tap into the fact that many people take car trips to see family during the holidays and they want their cars to be in good working order. Similarly, a family business exterminator might not sell a lot of inspection packages during the holidays, but the new year is a time when people think about checking all those long-term items off their proverbial to-do lists, which may include getting their home checked for pests.

Our advice is to tap into those universal touch points, no matter what your business. Get creative, make a content plan that feels real to you and your business, and your customers will keep coming back.