With every voicemail you leave, e-mail you write or social media post you share, you pick a voice.  How much thought are you putting into the voice that you choose to represent your brand? Sometimes the simplest concepts are overlooked, which is why it is important to go back to the basics and discuss the topic of creating a voice for your brand.

What is your brand’s voice? What kind of tone do you use while representing your brand?  Is it passionate? Helpful? Funny? Knowledgeable? Goofy? Sarcastic? Take a moment to jot down some adjectives that describe your brand’s voice. There’s a good chance that most of these adjectives could be used to describe your company’s Founder or CEO.  If not, maybe they should!

As emerging businesses grow, more people are hired, and more voices are added into the mix.  It can be especially challenging to not lose that original voice when there are multiple writers managing your brand’s digital channels. You can ensure that your brand is being properly represented by taking the following steps:

  • Review your mission statement/core values. Compare them to a sample of content you’ve shared over social media, through e-mail marketing and on your website. Throughout all, are they represented?
  • Determine your pronouns. I suggest using “we”, in most instances.
  • Remember those adjectives you jotted down? Make a mental checklist to ensure that each form of communication aligns.
  • Match this voice with your brand’s visuals: ensure that your brand is properly represented from your logo to your Facebook cover photo to your website to your Instagram profile picture to your twitter background, etc.

Creating consistency through your brand’s voice will ultimately allow followers and customers to better understand your business and relate to your mission. The forms of communication have increased over the years, but your brand’s message should be clearer than ever.

Kelly Pace Stegman is Founder of Pace & Love Marketing, a startup committed to growing emerging businesses by improving merchandising processes and by increasing customer engagement through social media. Contact Kelly at kelly@paceandlovemarketing.com.