If you’re running a small business, you’re probably focusing on things like, building up your product, balancing your budget, managing your employees, etc.  Marketing can very easily fall on the back-burner, even though we all know it’s important.  However, if you’re serious about building your client list and getting the word out, then the best way to keep your marketing plan from falling behind is to understand just how important it is.  Below we have some tips and tricks to help illustrate.

Social Media

With the average American spending 37 minutes per day on social media, we believe it’s here to stay.  Social media is used by 80% of small businesses!  At this point in 2016, it has become necessary to interact with your customers via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  But, based on your brand, you might want to branch out even more and take to using Pinterest or Instagram as well.  Consider your market when choosing your social media platforms.


Obviously our favorite form of marketing, email brings in a whopping 4,300% return on your investment.  It’s inexpensive (only $99/month with us) and it gets the job done.  90% of today’s adults check their email daily, and recent studies have shown that most people prefer to interact with their favorite brands through email.  If you are really serious about reaching prospective clients, you should integrate email with your social media and other forms of marketing for extra market exposure.


It goes without saying that your website should stay up-to-date.  It should always look fresh and you should have recent blog posts discussing helpful and interesting topics relevant to your business.  Potential clients tend to check back more than once when making a decision of whether or not to contact your business for a service.  Blogging also helps to build your voice, in much the same way that email and social media do.  Create a personality for your brand by keeping your blog content recent and fresh.  Studies have shown that 50% of online sales are lost because visitors can’t find content (Yola).

It is the age of digital and inbound marketing, there’s just no way around it.  If you want to stay competitive and you want to stick out in the mind of your audience, these are three ways to do it.  No more cold-calling, no more pop-ups or banner ads.  Now, it’s all about offering useful and helpful information.