Marketing is a Safe Investment

Let’s start by pointing out that marketing is not only a necessary investment to make in your business, but it’s a safe one as well.  That is, assuming you’re focusing on the right kind of marketing.  The heart of your business success lies in its ability to reach potential customers, and that’s hard to do without marketing.

The average return on investment for inbound marketing (email, social media, blogs, etc.) is generally high, which proves that it works.  Let’s not forget, also, that if you are marketing to Millennials, outbound (flyers, billboards, internet pop-ups) is just not cutting it anymore.  In fact, 80% of business decision makers favor getting brand information via an article series over an ad (Content Marketing Institute).

Why is it so important?

You might remember that we covered some small business marketing stats earlier this month.  Some of the statistics were surprising – like the fact that 50% of online sales are lost because shoppers can’t find recent and relevant content from the brand in question.  Ouch!  That’s not a number to shrug at.  The answer is that marketing is so important for a very simple reason – it gives your brand a voice.  Take a second and think about some of your favorite brands.  Who do you go to when you need a new wardrobe?  How about when you want to grab a bite to eat?

Think about the voice of those brands.  Would you even know about them if they didn’t have one?  Coca-Cola, for example, is always pushing creative content.  Even though it’s already an established brand, it keeps its digital content fresh.  It didn’t get to where it is today without marketing.  In fact, Coke still invests in marketing, because it still pays to remind us that it’s still around – and still refreshing.

Remember also that most people make their purchasing decisions based on Google searches, and Google will not favor your brand if you don’t have recent content with relevant keywords.  You can’t start a blog one day in December and expect it to appear in Google search results in April when it hasn’t been updated at all.  If you want to get noticed, you’ve got to keep your content creative, helpful and up-to-date.  Otherwise the search engine will be no help at all.

The biggest reason to invest in inbound marketing, is because it gives you an outlet to connect directly with your audience, and that’s priceless.  You can personalize emails and you can allow them to connect with you directly through social media.  You can form a clear personality through blogging, and they can share and even comment on your content.  You can learn more about what they really want and they can learn more about what you are able to offer.  It’s a clear win-win.  In this time of digital marketing, businesses are able to do what businesses in the past probably wish they could do in gaining this valuable feedback and direct interaction with the audience.  Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it?

If you’re still not convinced at how important an investment marketing can be, check out these most influential content marketing brands of 2015.  These big name brands are doing it right.  It’s about time you do too!