Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to engage with your audience.  Most brands feature special deals or promotions at this time, but just talking about it can bring attention your way.  Since it’s just around the corner, here are 5 ways to market on Mother’s Day without having to have too much planning time in advance:

5 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

  1.  Send an email promotion
    If you sell anything that might be a great gift for the mothers in your life, start with an email.  Your product could be flowers, spa treatments, restaurant gift cards, or even chocolates or treats.  Send out an email reminding your audience that you have what they need to complete their Mother’s Day plans.
  2. Use a Twitter Hashtag
    Mother’s Day will no doubt be trending on Twitter.  Log in and check to the left of the screen to see what’s trending and use that hashtag to jump in.  It will most likely be something like “#MothersDay2016.”  Find ways to associate your business with that day, and you can even add your own hashtag in there for double the search results.  For example, you could mention that you have some great #MothersDayGiftIdeas for last minute shoppers.
  3. Run a promotion
    If your business is a retail store or shop, try running a “Bring your Mom” promotion.  Offer a discount for those customers who bring their moms in on Mother’s Day!  Store traffic is sure to increase.
  4. Offer free gift-wrapping
    Last minute shoppers will love a business that can quickly wrap their gifts in-store.  You can even include this service in your email or Twitter hashtag for extra audience reach.
  5. Offer a gift with your service
    If your business is centered around services rather than products, you can also offer a service gift card that families can add to their gifts.  For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you can offer a free 60 minute training session, yoga class, or nutrition counseling with a boot camp sign up.


You’ll see that once you get your ideas flowing, it gets easier and easier to come up with more.  You don’t have to be a florist or spa in order to reach audiences on Mother’s Day, you just have to have a little creativity.  Some restaurants and cafes even offer each mother who comes in on Mother’s Day a rose.  It can be something as simple as that.  So good luck, and have a Happy Mother’s Day!