I’ll start by pointing out that any business can benefit from a company newsletter.  The return on investment for email marketing is something you absolutely need to cash in on, so the extra effort is worth it.  If the only thing holding you back from running a newsletter is not knowing what you’d discuss each month, we can help!

Business News & Offers
The first thing you want to do is make sure your audience knows what you have to offer.  If you offer services, what services? I bet there are some things you sell or offer that your audience may not realize.  For example, let’s say you represent your own vacuum cleaner company.  You sell top-of-the-line vacuums and offer free repairs.  Your audience would know to call you with vacuum trouble, but they wouldn’t know they could call you for air quality tests and purifiers as well, unless you let them know.  Make sure your newsletters represent your company and all it has to offer.  If your audience doesn’t know that you have it, they can’t buy or recommend it!

Likewise, if you have decided to offer a new service, as in maybe your vacuum cleaner company now offers carpet cleaning too, make sure and announce that in a newsletter.  Get excited about it and your audience can too!

Coupons & Special Deals
We all love a good deal.  We also love getting the first glance at an exclusive offer.  If you are running a sale, or just want to reward your loyal readers, make it known in your newsletter.  Include a coupon that readers can bring in and show you on their smartphone, or print and bring in for a discount.  Make sure and include an expiration date, even if it has to be updated each month.  This instills a sense of urgency, so the readers will act fast, instead of putting it aside for later and forgetting about it.

Try highlighting a seasonal product or service. If you are sending a newsletter for your coffee shop, feature a monthly beverage and coupon for a free small of that beverage.  Deals like these will not only keep your audience opening your newsletter every month, but they will also keep them coming in the doors – possibly with friends!

Aim to Entertain & Educate
What kinds of questions do you find yourself answering on a daily basis? If you’re a realtor, you probably find yourself answering questions about mortgage closing costs, neighborhood safety, or advice on whether to live in the suburbs or the city. These are all newsletter topics. Inform your audience by answering questions you know they have. This will increase interest in your newsletter and keep readers tuned in.  The most important thing you can offer in a newsletter is something genuinely helpful to your audience.  Rather than always trying to sell to them, earn their trust in simply helping them out.

Recommended Reading
Think about what you like to read when you’re browsing content online.  Industry-specific news? Random recipes? 5 Ways to Become a Great Leader? Your audience likely finds all of this interesting as well.  Share the knowledge!  You don’t have to always allude to your business.  It’s okay to share things that are just interesting and even fun. Remember, the more interesting your content, the more likely you are to keep your readers – and they’re human, just like you.

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