“The affiliate program with Create my Newsletter has been wonderful! I love working with such a responsive, creative, and dependable group of professionals. They are very understanding and intuitive to my needs, and the needs of my clients who I refer to them regularly. I can trust that Create My Newsletter will apply the same care and attention to detail to my clients’ accounts, as they do to mine – delivering exceptional results. The extra income doesn’t hurt, either!”

Mary Rose “Rosie” Van Schoor, Rosie’s Creative

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before we get into why you should participate in affiliate marketing, let’s discuss what it’s all about first. Many businesses that sell products or services online participate in affiliate marketing because it’s a convenient way to save money on sales, and because potential clients are more likely to trust guarantees through friends and acquaintances over sales pitches.

Affiliate marketing is, in its simplest terms, marketing in which members of your network help spread the word of your company, and in return they receive a percentage of compensation for a sale. Both sides have reason to participate, especially if they act as affiliates for one another.

Generally, you create either a traceable link for an affiliate to use so that you know the sale came from that person and can give him/her credit for it, or you can do as we do and use a coupon code. If you have a better idea, then feel free to do things your own way. All that really matters is that your affiliate gets proper credit for help with sales.

Why it’s Beneficial

So, why not just hire a sales person and be done with it? You can always have an affiliate network in addition to a sales staff, if that’s the route you prefer. However, affiliates are only paid when you get paid. That’s a nice way to save money for the business, and also a great incentive for them to want to sell.

Developing this network can be helpful in another way, as well. The more affiliate friends  you have putting your banners on their websites or sharing links for you, the more free traffic you are receiving. Just because not everyone buys something, doesn’t mean you aren’t making new impressions. Consider it free promotion.

Finally, an extensive affiliate network helps you to better reach your target audience. If your affiliate friends share clients with you, or work in a business closely related to yours, it’s likely that word of mouth and links and banners are all being spread and shared among an audience that actually needs your services or is interested in learning more about your product. That’s a pretty good deal since you only pay when a sale is made. Have I mentioned free promotion yet?

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