The statistics are in: happy employees make better employees! The idea of keeping employees happy isn’t a new one, but we’ve come a long way in the past several years in how we work to increase happiness in the workplace. Gold watches for 25 years of service are no longer the only standard by which we measure success and promote a pleasant workplace. Let’s back up a little, though, and talk about the benefits of having employees who enjoy their jobs.

Why Is It Important to Have Happy Employees?

  • Better productivity. Did you know that it’s a proven fact that employees who are happy get more done? This statistic correlates pretty well with only requiring a 40-hour workweek. If people enjoy what they’re doing, they’ll get more done in a shorter period.
  • Less focus on salary. While paying those who work for you a fair and decent wage is important, many people are willing to take a pay cut in order to be in an environment that promotes positivity and happiness.
  • Savings for the employers. Happy employees take fewer sick days than people who are unsatisfied with their jobs. This translates directly to higher productivity and fewer days that you’re paying employees who aren’t actually working.

In reality, making sure that your employees are happy is beneficial for both parties. You get employees who are going to stick around for longer and do a better job. Your employees are happy with their work at the end of the day, and don’t feel the need to bounce around uncertainly from job to job. Now, on to the important question.

What Are the Best Ways to Make Employees Happy?

  • Find managers who are invested in team growth. You want people who not only want to grow in their position, but want to get to know their team’s strength and help them grow as well. Nobody wants to remain stagnant.
  • Help them understand how their role contributes to the overall success of the business. Allowing employees to shadow other employees and learn more about how the company functions as a whole will motivate team members and give them a sense of ownership.
  • Make sure to include perks now and again. Bring in bagels, take your team out for a team building activity, increase paid time off around the holidays. Make sure that you’re listening to what your employees are saying and giving them what they need.
  • Promote a positive, collaborative work space. Employees should be able to work together and feel like their opinions and contributions are valued. Remember to provide positive feedback whenever possible, as well.


Truly, the most important thing you can do to keep your employees happy is to show them that you value them. After all, they keep your company running smoothly and the money coming in!