With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to embrace the holiday season with open arms. If bustling crowds, brightly lit holiday displays, and the repeating soundtrack of everyone’s favorite Christmas tunes aren’t your thing, you’re likely trying to cross things off your shopping list early this month.

While there are those on your list who are easy to shop for, there are likely a couple trickier recipients who give you trouble year after year. For instance, what does one buy for the intrepid, innovative entrepreneur that will both impress and delight him or her? If this is a question you’re facing this holiday season, take a look at our list of top gift ideas for the entrepreneur in your life.

Subscription Gift Ideas

With so many different types of subscription gifts, you could cross off everyone on your list with one of these unique and thoughtful packages. “Of the month” subscriptions are available for bourbons, wines, snack boxes, grooming products, and almost anything you can imagine. Consider also a year of yoga, Amazon, or Netflix! 

GoPro HERO4 Black

As technology advances, so too does the way we market, promote and conduct business. With the rise of vlogging as an effective and innovative brand-building tool, top of the line cameras such as the GoPro HERO4 Black are becoming more popular among photography amateurs. If you’re willing to spend a little more on your entrepreneur, consider any of GoPro’s portable camera models, or go straight for the HERO4 Black. 

Conference Admission

If you know conference attendance is important to your friend or family member, purchasing his or her admission ticket in advance is both an extremely useful gift, and a way to show that you pay attention and care about the things about which he or she is passionate. 

External Battery Power

Most of us spend a lot of time plugged into our devices, and the entrepreneurs among us are certainly no exception. Battery power is a hot commodity in a business world governed by our technology, and losing power without the means to recharge can be extremely inconvenient. Make sure your friends and family members are safe from this likely danger by giving the gift of external battery power. External battery packs come at varying prices with varying degrees of power, meaning you can give the best, newest model, or add a less expensive battery as a supplement to another gift. Stocking-stuffer, perhaps? 

Standing Desk

Many entrepreneurs spend hours glued to their desks, taking a limited number of breaks to walk around and stretch their legs. Give your favorite entrepreneur a better-for-the-body option with one of the many standing desks available on the market these days. 

A Kindle

If you have an avid reader on your shopping list this year, a kindle is an obvious gift that will be cherished and enjoyed. Entrepreneurs in particular, who tend to devour reading material from like-minded individuals, will enjoy this thoughtful gift. 

Bluetooth Speaker

Maybe your entrepreneur friends already have sufficient sound systems in their homes, but what about their offices? Someone who puts in long hours at the office could use a little more music in their day to day to help them focus and keep things spirited! 

Tools for Planning and Organization

If the people on your list already seem to have everything, you can never go wrong with additional tools and gadgets for project planning and office organization. White boards, fancy notebooks, and quality pens never go out of style, and are always appreciated by those with minds that never quit brainstorming and dreaming.