The holidays are approaching, and if you’re in retail or ecommerce, your small business should be getting a traffic boost right about now. Check these holiday SEO tips to ensure that you’re making the best of the shopping season.

  1. Research Trending Keywords:

    Did you know that you can go to Google Trends to see reports of the most-searched keywords this holiday season? You can check the reports any time of year, really, but right now is key. Take a look at what’s trending and make sure your keywords are lining up.

  1. Realize which of your Pages are Performing Best

    The key is not to update your key words on every single page of your website. You can, but it’s most likely going to be a waste of time. Refer to the pages that are getting the most views, and then work on the key words there. Don’t forget to apply your holiday SEO keyword knowledge to your blog posts as well.

  2. Use Your Social Media!

    If you want to send traffic to your website, offer up relevant information on your social media to get users to navigate there. For example, blog posts containing holiday gift guides to extremely well this time of year. Write a post that includes a gift guide, share it to your social media, and watch your page visits increase! An active social network is a great boost for SEO.

  3. Plan Ahead

    Make sure your load times aren’t lagging…before it’s too late. That means you should probably check out your website now, since you’ve only got a couple of weeks left. Check that images are sized correctly, that all spelling and grammar is on-point, and that your deals and promotions are highlighted efficiently. You want to look credible, after all.

  4. Use Email Marketing

    Consumer reports show that last year’s Black Friday emails drove more sales than any other channel. Now, Black Friday has obviously passed, but this still says a lot about what email marketing can do for your business. Send your exclusive holiday sales, products, deals and promotions straight to your customers’ inboxes, where they are sure to see it.

Holiday SEO Wrap-Up

So there are your 5 tips for traffic maximization, and honestly, they’re pretty simple. Take these extra steps to reach your audience this holiday season, and your business will thank you for it. Enjoy a happy holiday season!