Ahh, love is in the air! February is here, and with it come lots of opportunities for great Valentine’s Day marketing! V-Day marketing isn’t reserved solely for companies that sell chocolate and roses. No matter what industry you’re in or how small your business, you can leverage Valentine’s Day marketing to your advantage.

Why Run Deals for Valentine’s Day?

You may be thinking that nothing you have will work for a Valentine’s Day sale, but think about it for a second. Even if you don’t sell typical gifts like jewelry or chocolate, there are plenty of other great gifts for this holiday.

Less traditional gifts like furniture or electronics are becoming more common for holidays outside of Christmas or Hanukkah. In fact, among the most popular Valentine’s gifts are clothes, home goods and technology. Even if your company sells services rather than goods, this is an opportunity to offer deals on complementary services to those goods that are so popular on Valentine’s Day.

Top Valentine’s Day Marketing for Small Businesses

  1. Offer percentages off or complimentary services. One great way to take advantage of Valentine’s Day marketing is to offer a complimentary service with a paid one. Anyone buying a gift for the holiday will love that they’ll also be able to give a second one out for free, or for a very discounted price.
  2. Cater to the last minute shoppers. There’s always someone who waits until the 13th of February to start looking for gifts. Make sure you’re marketing to that demographic with last minute deals that are easily accessible. The day or two leading up to Valentine’s Day is a great time to consider some paid advertising.
  3. Engage with your social media followers. Even if you’re not selling anything or running deals, Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity to get to know your customer base better. Try running a cutest couple or best gift contest on your social media with a fun giveaway for whoever wins.

How to Market Your Deals

You want to make sure that your marketing efforts are seen. Make sure that any deal you run is clear on your website, across your social media and via e-newsletter. When you make a point to hit all of your mediums, you become much more easily accessible for your client base. Need help reaching out? Contact My Content Co to get started on a full digital marketing package!