It’s safe to say that behind every strong business, brand or company, there stands an effective leader. Effective leadership is necessary if you want to grow and expand a successful business, but the role doesn’t come easy to everyone. Want to lead a happy, hardworking and thriving team? Honing in on the following qualities may help your case.

Focus and Persistence

Keeping your “eyes on the prize” as they say is critical for leadership success, but be careful where you focus your efforts. You should always keep an eye on your competitors, but don’t let their victories distract or discourage you from leading your team. The sports apparel company Under Armour wasn’t born in Baltimore overnight. It took the hard work and entrepreneurial leadership of Kevin Plank to become the founder, CEO and Chairman of his company while driving a successful team to support his efforts.

Transparency and Decisiveness

Transparency in business is defined as a “lack of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.” In other words: don’t be secretive or wishy-washy. It’s difficult for employees and customers to genuinely trust a leader who seems to have a hidden agenda. Be professional and honest while being authentic, present, clear and consistent about the work and decision at hand.

Confidence and Open-Mindedness

Million dollar businesses don’t come to fruition and sustain themselves without a leader on board who was passionate and confident enough to pursue their “crazy idea.” Whether you’re the leader of your own company or you just got promoted to the big desk after working your way up the ranks for years, remaining confident in your abilities is essential throughout your role. That being said, it is also critical that you maintain an open mind and willingness to adapt in the face of challenges. Don’t be offended if your idea or strategy isn’t working – you are only one brain, after all. Invite your team to brainstorm solutions, listen to their ideas and truly consider implementing their suggestions.

Empowering Positivity

As an effective leader, you have to accept that you aren’t going to win everyone’s affection. That’s just life. But what you can do to earn respect as a leader (and genuine human) is create a culture of optimism that encourages and empowers your team to make the impossible possible. Delegate responsibility and authority accordingly while reminding your team how confident you are in their capabilities.

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