The need for small businesses to implement a digital marketing strategy is more critical than ever before. Business blogging is an effective way to drive traffic to your website, boost your credibility and generate new leads based on that trust. However, as a small business owner, you may find it challenging to consistently choose blog topics that appeal to your target audience. Let’s talk about how you can recycle old blogs to generate new leads.

Think about the blogs you have posted in the past. Which ones got the most attention?

There are several ways to measure the impact of your blogs, but social media sharing and analytics software often provide the best insight. After you post a blog, you should always share the link to your content on your social platforms. Google Analytics is one of the most direct means of finding out exactly how many times people clicked that link. Analytics software will also tell you the average amount of time people spent on that page before navigating out of your website (this is called bounce rate). If the bounce rate for your website and blogs is high, this indicates poor visitor engagement. If the bounce rate is low, it means that people are taking the time to read your content and potentially browse your website for more information afterwards. Take note of the blogs that performed best – these are the topics you’ll want to regenerate.

But I already posted a blog about that… won’t people just read that one instead?

Not if they have to look for it. Let’s say that you work for an asphalt/paving company and you’ve noticed your recent blogs about sealcoating aren’t generating much interest. However, a blog you posted last year about how to remove oil stains from parking lots drove immense traffic to your website. Just because you already posted about that topic doesn’t mean that it’s off limits now. It may have been easily accessible for readers when you first posted it last year, but how much digging would a new reader have to do to find it in your blog feed or a search engine result? Spoiler alert: people don’t like to dig, and search engines favor newer, higher quality content.

Tips for recycling old blogs to generate new leads

We aren’t talking about copying and pasting the same blog into a new post with a different title – please never do that. The goal here is not to duplicate content, but to use similar topics to spark new interest which could generate new leads. You should never recycle a blog topic that was posted recently enough to appear on the same page of your website’s blog feed. Approach the blog topic at a different, timelier angle the second time around. For example, the first blog may have been titled “How to Remove Oil Stains from Asphalt Parking Lots.” The new, recycled blog approach and title may be “5 Ways to Remove Pesky Parking Lot Stains” or “Are Parking Lot Stains Hurting Your Business?” These tips are the same for any industry. Don’t forget to use holidays and changing seasons to your advantage (spring/winter asphalt repair).

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