Recently on our blog, we discussed the marketing myth that in-house marketing saves you time and money. While outsourcing content marketing is far more cost-effective, many companies still grow frustrated when they realize that finding great content writers isn’t as easy as they’d imagined. We’re here to elaborate on our next marketing myth.

How Cost-Effective is Outsourcing Content Marketing?

This aforementioned myth about in-house marketing costs stems partly from the fact that many companies hire unqualified employees from within who do not understand the complexities of the digital age as it relates to your content and strategic goals – resulting in a loss of time, productivity, quality and ultimately cash. Outsourcing content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and produces thrice the results.

Is Finding Reliable Content Writers Online Easy? Not so Much

Finding amazing writers on a budget with the internet at your fingertips and endless people in search of a job is a breeze, right?! Wrong. If your business is on a budget and you don’t fully understand the value of content marketing, you’re likely to be duped by too-good-to-be-true prices and services like blogs that are produced for pennies on the word. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find writers that you feel like you can trust.

We recently saw a post in an online forum by an entrepreneur named Aimee M. entitled, “Frustrated by trying to find good freelance writers! Where are they hiding?” In her post she expresses her concern by stating that, “There should be a better way to find trusted, experienced freelance writers! Sifting through endless listings on freelance sites and all the back-and-forth is causing me to lose my mind.”

The Frustration Behind Cheap Content Writers & What to Look For in Your Search

The heightened frustration is often born after you’ve been sent a blog you paid for that is just, well, bad. Then what do you do? Pay more money to have it corrected by the writer you thought you could trust, only for it to fall short of your standards once again? Or go back to the drawing board with less money in your budget to start your search for a great writer again?

Aimee isn’t the only one out there who feels like she is losing her sanity in the search for great content writers. It’s important to seek writers who are transparent about their experience as it aligns to your needs and willing to collaborate with you about the ideas that you find most important. A trusted freelancer or marketing company won’t shy away when you request writing samples for further peace of mind.

A truly great content writer won’t send anything to you that they wouldn’t feel comfortable showcasing in their portfolio. Your content is a reflection of their reputation.