Today, more and more companies are adopting the open office model. For some, this means working in a large, bull-pen type space with lots of other people. While this can be a great way for people to quickly exchange ideas and work together, it can make getting individual work done very difficult. An office design that promotes focus is important for both you and your employees.

Integrating the Open Floor Model for an Office Design that Promotes Focus

You don’t have to entirely sacrifice an open office atmosphere to create a space where employees can focus on important tasks. Instead, integrate certain policies to make sure the office is an ideal place to get work done:

  • Create accessible quiet spaces. You’re going to want to make sure that you have a couple of rooms that are designated as quiet, personal work rooms. These can function almost like office shares. Create a calendar that allows employees to book the rooms for hour long blocks of quiet, hard work time.
  • Respect “busy” time. Whether signaled by employees popping in their headphones or just putting a sign up at their desk that says “busy,” make sure you respect that time and encourage others to do so as well. Having the ability to tune out and not worry about being bothered even when surrounded by people can improve productivity.
  • Allow employees some personal space. While it’s nice to be able to stretch out and move into collaborative spaces, it’s also great to have a personal space at work to touch base with. Consider assigning desk spaces that your employees can decorate and enjoy in addition to collaborative areas or spots with comfy couches. Balance is important for focus.

Creating the Right Environment

A happy employee is a productive employee (at least in most cases). Ensuring that your office environment is conducive for focusing is important. This can incorporate everything from the color of the walls to adding plants and making sure that every employee has access to a window with some sunlight. Yes, that office without windows is cheaper, but office morale often declines in dark, closed-off spaces.

Additionally, office furniture plays an important role in creating a focused environment. Employees should be comfortable in their workspaces. The right desks, chairs and even keyboards all can lend to the ability to focus. Look into office furniture that boasts an ergonomic design. People focus more efficiently when they’re free of back or neck pain.

Creating an office design that promotes focus will help your employees get their work done more quickly and will give you peace of mind knowing that you have a happy workforce!