Let’s start with talking about what you know about search engine optimization, or SEO. You know that it helps make your company more searchable on Google. It helps increase exposure and reach so that your target audience can find you. Sounds simple enough. So, why shouldn’t you just go for that set cost that will save you a couple of bucks? Well, because it isn’t actually that simple.

We asked SEO expert & Tharros Media founder, Adam Leech, for his thoughts.

Every website is unique.

“Every website is unique. How can someone build you a custom plan for a set cost?”

That’s an excellent point.  What keywords will make you stand out most to your own target audience? Probably not the same set of keywords that makes another business stand out. If you’re going with someone super cheap:

“Most likely they’re going to hurt your site with an ‘automated tool.'”

That makes your site fall into the not-so-unique category. How could that possibly work to set your business apart on search engines?

ROI is your determining factor.

Can’t you just Google some hot tips and go it alone? Not necessarily. Adam put it nicely:

“Knowing what to do to rank your site is easy. Most of the basics are on the internet. Knowing how, when, where and why is what you bring in an expert for. But remember, your ROI is still all that matters.”

SEO is a learned science. Sure, you can look up your fair share of material, but it’s not going to compare to what an expert can offer.

Think of your unique SEO goals.

Keep in mind when searching for SEO help that it all depends on your unique brand. Like Adam says:

“The cost of ranking a site depends on what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to and what areas you’re going after. Everyone selling similar things in your city is going after 10 limited spots. More and more ads are popping up on social media, but Google isn’t making more 1st page rankings…”

The takeaway.

“Just like everything else, you really get what you pay for. If you come to an agreement with your agency, hold them to it or get your money back.”

You know what you need out of your SEO agreement. Trust your instincts when it comes to hiring the right person to carry out your needs. It isn’t likely that your instincts are telling you that “super cheap” will get you the best results.