In order to create captivating newsletters for appropriate audiences, you need to include content that stands out from ordinary advertising. Reaching out to your clients through successful testimonials, eye-catching images, discount opportunities and more will attract attention and promote engagement in your business!

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from clients who express positive experiences with your company help others to see how your products or services can enhance their lives. Personal success stories ultimately bring readers a sense of confidence in your company, since these stories are reliable and serve as truthful accounts of the real life application of your services.


Eye-catching images not only attract a reader’s attention instantaneously, but the right picture can also leave a lasting, positive impression that helps to enhance the feel of your newsletter. An image that is especially relevant to your topic can even serve as visual aid to help readers remember the content and a engage in your company’s services.


Everyone loves to save money, no surprise there. Coupons and discounts give readers incentive to actively engage in with your company. Giving your customers the opportunity to save money enhances the customer-company relationship, which is one of the most important aspects in supporting the growth of your business.

Links to Articles and Blogs

It is important to support the information in your newsletter by including links to relevant articles and blog posts. When a reader becomes intrigued by your newsletter discussion, they can click on these links to further explore the topic at hand. These articles and blogs should be directly relevant to your topic. They should positively influence the mind of the reader in order to encourage them to engage in your business.

Social Media Links

Networking and communicating are key players in the growth of any company! Most clients are active on social media, making it important for you to notify them of your online presence. Your clients will be more likely to see the updates you post on a social media account, rather than directly from your website. However, make sure to include the link to your company’s website on its social media pages to allow clients to further interact with your business.

Links to Polls or Surveys

Including links to polls or surveys in your newsletter benefits both the company and the client. Directly asking the readers what changes or additions they would like to see in the company shows that your business cares about pleasing its clients!