Yesterday your business website or Facebook page might have been non-existent. Today, it’s technically up and running but you have no idea what to do next. Sound familiar? Keeping up with the latest technological advancements and social media trends is a difficult job for anyone, much less small business owners who are busy thriving in hands-on industries.

Alas, keeping up with technology is of vital importance if you want to keep your business afloat in today’s online market. Let’s get you up to speed on the latest news in social technology.

Battle of the Brands: Utilizing the Latest Social Features to Get Ahead

While your business might not need to have a presence on every single social media platform available, it’s important that you post updated content and engage frequently on the ones you do maintain. Your customers should be able to find you online with ease. But once they do, what sets you apart? Make the most of your online presence and outshine competitor brands by utilizing the latest tools available to you via social media and web design. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat offer similar platforms for live video streaming, geotagging, direct messaging and more. These features can help you humanize your company and tell the story of your brand.

Social Advertising & the Latest New Features

Advertising to your customers online can be incredibly complex, but social platforms are continuously adding features to improve the overall experience for both parties. The latest social technology features are:

  • Facebook has given retailers a boost of power on the platform by allowing you to optimize your ads based on the value they bring to your business
  • Facebook added a dedicated GIF button to their comments section, which can currently be used for comments on user posts (not on Page posts)
  • Facebook is currently testing new tools to help you test and optimize your creative work, specifically for effective storytelling through mobile-friendly video content
  • Instagram added a new “direct response” feature to ads within stories, complete with 12 call-to-action (CTA) options to choose from (including Shop Now, Download, Donate Now, Start Order, Apply Now, Contact Us and more)
  • Paid influencer posts on Instagram will now clearly label branded content as a “paid partnership with” the brands they represent
  • Snap, Inc. (formerly Snapchat) introduced an Ad Manager feature allowing advertisers to buy Snapchat video ads directly from the company’s website
  • Snap. Inc. revealed a location-sharing feature called Snap Map, allowing users to share their current location and view Snaps from all over the world
  • According to TechCrunch,Snap Map is based on Snap, Inc.’s “latest acquisition, social mapping startup Zenly. TechCrunch has learned that Snapchat has bought Zenly for between $250 million and $350 million in mostly cash and some stock in a deal that closed in late May. Snapchat will keep Zenly running independently, similar to how Facebook lets Instagram run independently.”