Want to boost brand awareness and build a long-lasting relationship based on trust and value with your target audience? It’s time to embark on the world of content marketing. There’s just one problem – creating stellar content that makes an impact is no easy feat, and this is one marketing myth that business owners often learn the hard way. 

It’s Just Content Creation… How Hard Could it Be?

Short answer: It’s easier said than done. Your business should consistently strive to publish content that is relevant, engaging, informative, original, mobile-friendly and overall valuable to your customers. Succeeding in this in this involves far more than choosing an ideal blog topic or shooting a video from the perfect camera angle.

It requires constant market research, a willingness to adapt to the ever changing needs of your online audience, sharp search engine optimization skills, the ability to outshine your competitors in terms of originality and presentation and so much more. Without prior experience in digital marketing or writing for an online audience, don’t be surprised if you grow frustrated and burnout quicker than you thought possible. Another myth? That finding great content writers is easy and inexpensive.

Top Tier Content Creation Involves More Than Finding Great Writers

When you pair society’s dwindling attention span with the mass amounts of content being published daily, it’s easy to understand how even the greatest content can get buried online and never reach the readers who’d value it most. For a content marketing strategy to make an impact, it’s important to understand that it’s a process in which creating top tier content is just the first step on a long journey to success. Does it drive revenue quickly? Find out.

Great writers play a vital role, but so do graphic designers, project managers, video producers and content promoters. Digital content rarely generates a desired result if it is being published as a standalone strategy. In this day and age, the success of content is largely dependant on effective social delivery, ad targeting and consistency in value. You should spend just as much time promoting your content as you did creating it, if not more.

Why to Avoid a DIY In-House Marketing Approach

It’s important to have a strong team of industry professionals nurturing your content from conception to promotion if you want it to be valued as top tier. Business owners who are new to digital marketing often fall for a myth we’ve debunked previously – that in-house marketing will save time and money. In reality it can bog down your employees, limiting productivity and maximizing costs before achieving a notable result.