Small business marketing is critical to the short-term and long-term survival of your business. While you probably have an existing marketing strategy in place, skilled marketing requires constant re-adjustment to current trends. As your small business evolves, your marketing strategy needs to as well. 

How Do You Stack Up?

The first step for improving your small business marketing is examining what you are doing right now and what your competitors are doing right now. How is your competition attracting new customers? How does your social media or website compare to theirs? Competitors are a great place to start when looking for new ideas and strategies.

Invest in Your Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to get your business and products in front of countless local, national and international customers. Investing in social media management gives you a window directly into the lives of your consumers. You can communicate directly with your fans, get detailed reviews from influencers and stay in touch with prospective customers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Make Sure Your Website is Doing Its Job

Before they ever make it to your store, most consumers will look up your business online. If you make a negative impression there, it will lower their excitement level and possibly prevent them from making their purchase. If you are involved in e-commerce, it’s even more important to have an effective website. Hire a professional, like My Content Co., to design and set up a website that is engaging, SEO optimized and affordable to maintain. 

Pay Attention to Data

Between social media platforms and online analytics, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount data available to you. However, keep in mind that this wealth of data is an important resource for your small business. Pay attention to demographics, purchasing patterns and other consumer data to market to your core audience. Spending thousands on a print mailing to attract female customers between 20-35 who typically shop online is a waste of money. Instead, refine your marketing methods to match your audience.

Mix It Up

Modern small business marketing involves using multiple platforms and mediums to get your message across. Choosing only one platform, like Facebook instead of a traditional website, will hamper your marketing efforts and lower the effectiveness of your marketing. Diversify your marketing mediums and platforms to enjoy the best possible results.

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