Is creativity part of your workday? Or is it completely lost amidst long to-do lists, endless conference calls and your ever-growing email inbox? By changing your mindset and making creativity an essential part of your workday, you will maximize your productivity and reach higher levels of professional fulfillment.

Making Space for Creativity Boosts Productivity

Regardless of your business size and job role, it is easy to get into a robotic daily work routine. Creativity is often the first thing left behind, but incorporating creativity into your workday can actually boost your daily productivity. Recent research studies have demonstrated that workers who incorporate structured creativity breaks into their workday perform better than those who work straight through breaks.

Making Space for Creativity Encourages Quality

Beyond worker output, creativity can also increase the quality of work that employees produce. Creativity helps workers to break out of a traditional mindset and think of new, better ways of doing things. When workers are allowed to break out of the routine and challenge traditional ideas, they will enjoy their jobs and gain confidence in their work. They also might come up with compelling ways to tackle bigger problems that your business is facing!

Incorporating Creativity Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

Periods of constant stimulation tire your brain and prevent proper task management. Taking a break from tasks allows space for bursts of creativity to shine through. Even simple activities like watching a motivational video, having a 15-minute conversation with a coworker or walking down the street to grab a cup of coffee can help your brain to refocus and develop new ideas.

If you are a business owner, structure your office environment so that there are several different areas for employees to both work and take breaks. While the water cooler or coffee pot is often a natural congregation area, dedicate areas of your office for personal reflection and team collaboration. Encourage your employees to schedule creativity breaks into their workday and you will start seeing the results immediately.