Live video streaming is one of the hottest trends for small businesses and major brands. It is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting with your audience, boosting engagement and finding new customers. However one major question arises: how do you get started harnessing the power of live video for your business when you aren’t sure where to start?

Connect with Your Consumers

Several major brands hold dedicated question and answer sessions to answer queries from current and potential customers. If you offer financial services, why not hold a student loan Q&A during the college application season? If you are a retail store with a new product line, host a Q&A to showcase the products and answer consumer questions at the same time.

Boost Your Product Launch

There’s a reason why Apple has been live-streaming their product launches for years—it creates excitement and anticipation. Even if your company is a bit smaller than Apple, like ours, you can still use live streaming video to launch your products. Prepare a short presentation and rehearse ahead of time to ensure the presentation goes smoothly. If you want to live stream for an extended period of time, host a question and answer session at the end of the launch

Share Your Knowledge

If you sell a service instead of a product, start live streaming to share some of your knowledge and expertise with the world. This can help to show customers how you are different from competitors and let them know who you are on a personal level. You will also attain new followers who are interested in learning more, which you could monetize in the future through e-courses.