Almost every small business has an email newsletter contact list and more often that not it tends to be a mixture of old email addresses and new customers eager to learn about your services. However, how much is your email list actually helping your business? Building a better contact list is simpler than you think.

Constant Growth is Necessary

Every year, your email list will lose contact with about 20% of your subscribers. As your contacts change their emails, leave their previous jobs or unsubscribe from your mailings, you will lose touch with them. As a result, it’s critical to continue adding clients to your email list every day to offset the natural loss. So, how do you go about engaging your contact list to spur it’s growth?

Content is King

Content is the essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to attracting and retaining email list subscribers. Create blogs and newsletters that are easy to read, interesting and shareable. When your readers are truly engaging with your content, your email list will grow on its own.

Encourage Social Sharing

Great content breeds users who want to talk about what they just read. Make sure that you have social sharing embedded in each email that you send so that your current email subscribers can share your blog in one click on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Include another “Email to a Friend” button to encourage sharing. If your customers and readers are growing your list for you, you won’t need to worry about replacing the 20% you lost.

Target Your Customers

Don’t send the same emails to all of your contacts, or you can expect to lose a lot of them very quickly! Organize your contact list by email type or contact type. Do you market to individual customers and HR departments? Create a contact list for each and send targeted emails.

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