If your small business is marketing online, you should be using images as part of your visual marketing plans. Whether you are interested in sharing videos, infographics or traditional images, one thing is always true— visual content on social media gets big results.

Switching to Facebook

The amount of time users spend on Facebook is increasing every year, as Facebook provides better integration with a variety of other websites and media formats. While many businesses used to upload their video content to YouTube and link to it on Facebook, uploading directly to Facebook is now your best bet. In many cases, videos uploaded directly to Facebook will have more accurate view counts, higher levels of engagement and higher overall view counts.

Grow Your Instagram Presence

It’s easy to be intimidated by Instagram, especially if you are new to the world of liking and hashtagging photos. However, Instagram is the best platform to share your visual marketing content. Instagram is a great host for photographs, short videos and gifs. Instagram is a particularly valuable marketing resource because users can search hashtags to find content they are interested in. If your business does residential landscaping, take a few photos of a beautiful yard you’ve designed and post it with relevant hashtags like #landscapedesign, #marylandlandscapes or #thegreatoutdoors. Users who are searching for ideas will find your photos, follow your company and become your customers.

Use Custom Images for Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog or newsletter, create a custom image with the title of it and a related graphic for easy social media sharing. Pinterest and Facebook will auto-detect these images for easy sharing. A custom image with your blog’s title has been proven to increase social shares by almost 25%.