The demands of consumers are rapidly changing as millennials grow into their purchasing power and older adults adapt to the trends. Millennials are known as the generation that is comfortable tweeting, snapchatting and oversharing on social media but not picking up the phone to have a conversation. If you aren’t changing your customer service to match their needs, you’ll be left behind.

Plenty of Flexibility

Millennials want to be able to interact with customer service representatives when they want to and where they want to. Instead of calling a customer service helpline, they would prefer to send an email or communicate with a chatbot. If you require your customers to visit in person or call, you should expect negative feedback from millennials, who are also more likely to leave a negative review online.

Answer Promptly

After growing up with technology devices and instant gratification, millennials expect the same from their customer service. A whopping 42% of customers expect online retailers to respond to their query in under an hour. If you take longer, customers notice and will be less receptive to understanding the situation.

Keep It Together

Millennial customers expect a response on the same channel that they made their complaint. If they sent you an email, they don’t want a phone call back. The same thing is true with Facebook messages. If a customer wants you to handle their problem on Facebook, never ask them to send an email instead.

Never Copy and Paste

Millennials value authenticity above all else, so they absolutely loathe copy-paste replies. Instead of using a form letter to crank out responses to emails, try sending a generic email at first explaining when a customer service representative will be in touch and then following up with a personalized and authentic reply.

Allow for DIY Customer Service

Most millennials know how to remedy their problem, so having a robust FAQ and self-service customer service section can drastically reduce your customer service department strain and boost your customer satisfaction rates. Let your customers modify their account, cancel their account, update their billing method and access all of the basics online.

Be Prepared Wherever You Market

Millennial customers expect customer service wherever you are, which means you need to be prepared to handle complaints and requests on every social media platform you are on. Spend a lot of time on Snapchat and Instagram? Have a dedicated customer service protocol for each one.

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