You know that content is important, but did you realize that consistent content is even more important? The best combination for your marketing involves quality content, consistent content and frequent content.

Quality Content

Good content is the backbone of a successful marketing strategy. This can be:

  • Blog posts that are 350-500 words long
  • Downloads of useful information like cheat sheets, guides or checklists
  • Videos
  • Infographics and shareable graphics
  • Webinars
  • Photos

Good content should:

  • Be original
  • Come complete with something that is actionable
  • Provide an answer (or answers!) to the reader
  • Be accurate
  • Be thought-provoking or engaging

Consistent Content

Consistency is key. If you publish great content on an erratic schedule, your customers, visitors and search engines won’t be looking for it. Consistent content also encourages repeat traffic, which will increase your mailing list organically. According to recent research studies, consistency of content is also a key factor in whether or not a consumer trusts your brand. Think of it this way—your business is open every day based on the hours you tell customers you’ll be open. If you suddenly stopped following that established pattern, customers would be unhappy and lose faith in your business. The same is true for content.

Frequent Content

Content should always be published on a frequent schedule. Most businesses dramatically benefit from at least one post per week, or a newsletter once each month or even a social media post a few times per week. When search engines index your site, they look for new content. Posting frequently will help ensure that your website is being crawled and indexed on a regular basis. The combination of quality content and frequent content will also help your content to be ranked more highly.

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