Many people use the terms advertising and marketing interchangeably, but there are several notable differences between the two. While advertising is a form of marketing, the field is much broader than just putting ads on Facebook. Today we are destroying the myth that advertising and marketing are the same.


Marketing is the umbrella under which advertising falls. Other parts of marketing include public relations, product pricing, product distribution, sales strategy, market research, consumer testing, media campaign design and even community events. The term marketing can be used to describe every way that your business makes contact with a customer. In those terms, advertising can be a type of marketing, but it isn’t the only type of marketing.


Advertising describes outreach to potential consumers with the goal of them making a purchase. Advertising is typically paid for and can be done on a variety of platforms. Advertising is typically the largest expense that a marketing department will have.

Advertising includes:

  • Direct mail
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Radio/podcasts
  • Internet
  • Television

Your Marketing Plan

Think of your marketing department like the team needed to build a home. To build a new home, you will need a large team with an architect, construction workers, project managers, plumbers, electricians, painters and movers. Each part needs to cooperate with the other parts towards your ultimate goal—building your house. Your marketing department is made up of several different parts that might seem independent, but they need to all work together to build your brand.

What should be included in your marketing plan? The basics include regular content in the form of newsletters or blogs, social media postings and a website. You should also perform market research, use advertising and have a public relations plan. Depending on the size of your small business, your marketing plan might be straightforward or complex.

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