A whopping 80% of companies hope to integrate chatbots into their customer service strategies by 2020. Are you part of the 20% still unsure about whether they could help your business?

Why Are Chatbots Trending?

Chatbots offer a tremendous amount of flexibility and efficiency, for a very cost-effective price. Chatbots are available 24/7, even on holidays. Chatbots also ensure consistent customer communications, since you are guiding each answer. By passing off lower-level tasks, like answering basic order tracking inquiries, your employees can devote their time to higher-level customer care.

The Bank of Sweden uses a chatbot named Nina to interact with customers before forwarding them to a customer care representative. As of fall 2017, Nina could answer questions spanning almost 400 topics, and she held 30,000 conversations with customers every month. Over 75% of customers found a solution through Nina and didn’t need to interact with a customer rep. Imagine how much time and money you could free up if 75% of your customers could find the answers they need in seconds with a chatbot!

Is Your Business Too Small to Benefit?

Nope! While many chatbots use sophisticated separate platforms, it’s relatively simple to create a chatbot that interacts through already-established platforms like Facebook Messenger. With a user base over 1 billion strong, Facebook Messenger is a great place to start.

Small Business Chatbot Integration Tips

When designing a chatbot for your website or customer service portal, you should consider the following before you get started:

  • What do your customers want? Younger customer bases expect more and are excited about chatbot integration, but older customers might be less receptive.
  • What basic tasks could be handled quicker and easier by a chatbot? Chances are, you could list 3-5 administrative customer service tasks off the top of your head.
  • How will you secure your chatbot? With data security becoming a more pressing issue every year, you need to have a plan to let your customers know the chatbot is safe to use (and back that up with a concrete security plan!).
  • Where will you launch your chatbot? The most popular spots are company websites. Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Kik and iMessage. 

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