We’ve got some great news for you—social media marketing isn’t going anywhere! From new technologies becoming mainstream to users interacting with social media content in exciting ways, there are many social media trends to look forward to in 2018.

  1. Augmented reality will continue to become more commonplace thanks to new mobile devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. With the increase in users with access to augmented reality capabilities, social media networks like Snapchat and Instagram are expected to respond with AR filters and capabilities.
  1. Social video, particularly on Facebook, took off during 2017. The increase in video creators choosing Facebook as their preferred hosting platform, especially in light of YouTube’s recent monetization struggles, will be incredibly beneficial to businesses and individual users alike.
  1. Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories every month, whereas Snapchat has 150 million monthly users. Any businesses already using Instagram to post photos should take advantage of the stories feature (and our best tips for using them).
  1. 2018 might mean significant changes for Twitter, as their 2017 user base failed to grow and the company lost access to streaming NFL games. While everything is currently speculation, industry experts predict that Twitter might add a subscription element or change the way that its advertising works. If your brand uses Twitter as a core social media marketing method, be prepared for change.
  1. Chatbots are being adopted by numerous large and small businesses to provide customer service, order updates and delivery updates. While some large corporations are electing to build their own from scratch, others are using plug-and-play solutions like Facebook Messenger.
  1. In addition to Facebook videos becoming more popular, live streaming platforms like Facebook Live are also experiencing tremendous growth. Big and small businesses alike are growing their organic social media reach
  1. Have you used influencer marketing yet? If not, 2018 is the perfect time to start. Over 90% of companies that have used influencer marketing on Facebook and Instagram feel like their investment was worth it.
  1. Devote some attention to Generation Z. The oldest members of Generation Z are now 22 years old, which means they are growing into a tremendous new market for your business. As they enter the labor force, their use of social media to stay abreast of the latest trends and brands is great news for businesses using social media marketing.
  1. LinkedIn is experiencing increases in user and business engagement levels, cementing its status as a hub of B2B marketing and recruiting. Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, it has continued to invest in improving the algorithm and growing the active user base. Many insiders have indicated that more investments are on the way in 2018.
  1. Real-time adjustments to brand strategies based on what’s trending are also expected to increase. The increasingly rapid news cycle and changing trends make it clear that thriving brands will be those that adapt, whether that means adapting to a negative review that goes viral or changing a marketing campaign to latch onto a trending hashtag. 

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