Does your measure of success for content marketing look something like this? You purchase a $50 advertisement on Facebook encouraging people to purchase tickets to an upcoming event. After reaching 5,000 consumers in organic and paid reach, you’ve sold 200 tickets. Your return on investment (ROI) is the 200 tickets your ad sold. Done, right? Not quite! Measuring ROI for content marketing is not as simple as it seems.

Why Is Content Marketing ROI so Tricky to Measure?

There are many ways to measure content marketing return on investment, but there is no one way to measure it. The insights for a single Instagram ad can offer a look at how a marketing angle is paying off, but they can’t take into account the customer who makes a purchase six months down the road as a result. Each piece of content that is put out on behalf of your brand informs a larger strategy.

Setting Better Content Marketing ROI Goals

In order to see what ROI your content marketing has, you need to have clear goals. What do good goals look like? They are specific and measurable:

  • Generating 15 new leads every week.
  • Increasing your total number of email subscribers by 20% by the end of 2018.
  • Growing your social media following by 1,000 users in one month.

Determine What Tools You’ll Need

Since content marketing has a long-term and big-picture return on investment, you should invest in numerous analytical tools to inform your marketing decisions. Realize that individual blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and emails do not often have an independent effect on your sales (barring a PR disaster). Instead, commit to using your entire content marketing strategy to meet your ROI goals. 

Partner with My Content Co for Effective Content Marketing

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