Have you noticed that the terms “small business” and “local business” are often used interchangeably? Many people, including entrepreneurs, assume that the roots of a successful small business are always found in the surrounding community. While that does happen, personal relationships have become much more important than local relationships.

Location Isn’t Everything 

Before the internet became an essential tool for small businesses, location was everything. Without the proper placement and geography, it was almost impossible to spread the word about your business. Now that finding services and products is as easy as unlocking your phone, location matters much less than personal relationships.

The True Personal Advantage of Small Business

Your advantage as a small business owner is not the neighbors that surround you. Instead, it’s your ability to make rapid decisions, be agile in a competitive marketplace and build strong relationships with your customers. It’s much easier to remember the names of 100 people than 10,000!

Customers who feel a personal connection with you will be much more likely to remain by your side through price increases and expansion. They are also more likely to let you know when you fall short of your expectations and give you an opportunity to make things right, instead of passively canceling your service. Any fellow business owner who loves your service will also be more likely to suggest it to a friend. Seventy-two percent of small businesses use current customer referrals to generate new business without spending a penny on marketing. 

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