Creating content without a clear call to action at the end is like leaving for a road trip without setting a destination—you might end up getting the result you’re after, but there’s a good chance it’ll take you a lot longer to get there.

The Basics of a Call to Action 

A call to action (CTA) is a directive to the content reader that prompts a specific action after reading. There are countless types of CTAs, as they can be used to ask readers to register for a webinar, purchase a product, download an e-book or share the article with someone else. The CTA is a vital step in converting readers into buyers.

Allow Customers to Opt-In

Given the opportunity to choose, the majority of readers will elect to opt-in to the benefit offered in a CTA over seeking that benefit independently. Is one of your goals encouraging readers to get a free quote? Inserting a button to request a quote in your CTA will ensure a higher conversion rate than making a “Get a Quote” page on your website and forcing readers to go there for the information.

One of the best reasons to add a CTA was described in 1937 by Robert Collier:

“There are only two reasons why your reader will do as you tell him. The first is that you made him want something so badly that of his own inertia he reaches out…to get it. The other is that you have aroused him in the fear that he will lose something worthwhile if he does not do as you say.”

Providing a valuable offer, product or benefit that readers don’t want to miss out on will ensure a great conversion rate.

Put Users in Your Sales Funnel

Getting potential customers into a sales funnel is a priority for every business, regardless of size. Including a CTA in every piece of content marketing that you put out will capture more emails and, in turn, increase the number of people in your sales funnel. While a single CTA won’t necessarily increase your monthly profits, numerous well-crafted CTAs will transform your sales funnel and your bottom line.

They Aren’t Just for Online Sales

Business owners who sell services and products offline, like home remodeling contractors or dentists, might see CTAs as a poor fit. In reality, every business can benefit from a CTA on content. If you are a remodeling contractor, encourage readers to request a free kitchen remodeling quote or download a pdf checklist of tips for choosing the best remodeling contractor. If you are a dentist, add a CTA urging patients to make an annual cleaning appointment or use up an end-of-year flexible spending account balance. 

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