While My Content Co specializes in creating original, customized social media content for businesses of every size, that doesn’t mean that choosing to re-purpose social media posts is a bad thing! In fact, re-using social media content can be a powerful way to grow your follower base and reach new levels of engagement.

Great Content Can Be Re-purposed in Numerous Ways 

If you find a piece of written content that your target customers respond well to, why would you never use it again? Unique and original content can be used in numerous ways, whether it’s incorporated into an infographic, expanded upon in a blog or included in a video. As long as you are not using the same social media content too often, your fans won’t notice or mind.

Focus on Images 

Images can be used on numerous social media platforms, and they typically offer much better returns than posts that are just text. Images can also be posted on every social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. If you have an image that you want to re-use, you can post the image with a different caption or place text on top of the image. Photos are excellent shareable graphics, so don’t be afraid to use them more than once.

Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle 

Sharing the exact same social media content multiple times is particularly important on networks that are not governed by strict algorithms, like Twitter. Most users have Twitter feeds that update so rapidly that your content might get lost in the shuffle quickly. If you have a very important post, Guy Kawasaki recommends tweeting it at least every 8 hours so that every time zone will see it in real-time.

Find Social Media Content to Re-purpose 

Chances are, you might not realize how much potential content you are already holding onto. Any of the following sources can be used as the basis for numerous social media posts:

  • Blog posts
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Press (news articles, interviews with your leadership, press releases)
  • Snippets from your email newsletters (funny subject lines, images, copy with a call to action)
  • Customer stories and testimonials
  • Upcoming events and webinars
  • Frequently asked questions from your website

Expert Social Media Content from My Content Co 

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