Every sale matters to a small business owner, and investing tons of time into a lead only to be told “I want to think it over” can be very disheartening. If you find yourself listening to this phrase over and over, it’s time to equip yourself with four different strategies for making the sale.


Figure Out the Obstacle 

Determining what the most likely obstacles are is a smart way to address them immediately and save the sale. Offer the customer three likely obstacles and listen.

“I definitely understand. A lot of our current customers need extra time to think it though. Are you worried about the cost, the implementation or the return on investment?”

In response, you’ll hear which obstacle the customer is concerned about or more about what is really holding him or  her back.


Be Candid 

Many small business owners appreciate when you take the time to speak candidly with them. Instead of beating around the bush, be straightforward.

“In the past when I’ve heard, ‘I want to think it over,’ it typically really means ‘No thank you.’ Is that what you’re really trying to tell me?”

Some small business owners are concerned about posing this question because it could plant a negative thought. However, you can’t lose a sale that you never had to begin with. The answer to this question can tell you whether or not there is even a sale to salvage.


Ask for Next Steps 

Agreeing with the customer you are speaking with is reassuring and validating. Use agreement as a platform for establishing clear next steps and a timeline for completing the sale.

“I understand where you are coming from. I would be saying the same thing in your position! What should we do now so that I know when to follow up with you?”

The beauty of this approach is that it also provides you with a date and method of follow up if it is executed successfully.


Address the Stakeholders 

In most cases, before a sale is made a customer will want to consult with other important stakeholders. The final chat you have with a customer before the consultation with stakeholders is your last chance to give talking points for that meeting.

“I get it. Now that you and your team will be sitting down to consider your final decision, are there any questions that your on-the-fence partners have? Can I give you any talking points?”

This response also equips you with a good idea of the enthusiasm level of the customer you’ve been speaking with and the team that you haven’t met yet.


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