Your website traffic is climbing and you’ve made some sales, but how can you turn those sales into repeat business? Here are some of the magic tricks we’ve used to make it work.

Get Visitor Information 

Does your website have a sign-up form? Sign-up forms are the perfect way to get information about the people visiting your website so that you can market to them and keep in touch. If you utilize an email service like Constant Contact or MailChimp, there should be ready-to-add forms available for your site. Want something with a higher success rate? Add an embeddable sign-up form so that visitors can enter information without leaving the site. Embeddable forms have a 25% higher success rate on average.

Tailor Your Alerts and Communications 

If you are launching a new product on your website, don’t just think about what new customers the product will attract. Instead, you should also think about past customers who might have a use for the new product. How can you identify which customers would be interested? Keep track of what customers have purchased, the feedback that customers have offered and any other relevant demographic information. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can come in handy for tailoring your website and email alerts to the right audience.

Incentivize Repeat Business 

Offering special discounts on your website for repeat customers is another good way to build a satisfied repeat customer base. Your offer can be small (10% discount) or a quantity discount (3 for the price of 2) that reminds past customers you exist and encourages them to return. You could also consider offering free samples or a complimentary trial to past customers who might be interested in your new service or product.

Add a Customer Login 

Giving customers a username and password is a simple way to encourage repeat business. Saving billing, shipping and credit card information makes it easier for customers to come back without investing the same amount of effort.

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