Facebook Live is a powerful tool for engaging with your current customers and Facebook fans. Over the past year, Facebook Live has exploded in popularity for one simple reason—it gets real results. If you’re interested in taking your marketing to the next level, you need to grab your camera and go live!

Why Facebook Live? 

  • It provides unique and engaging content
  • You can directly engage with consumers and answer questions or concerns in real-time
  • It’s completely free, making it the most cost-effective video marketing strategy in existence
  • Live is an awesome way to create buzz about product launches
  • You will drive more traffic to the associated Facebook page and other sites you mention during the live video

What Can Your Business Use Facebook Live For? 

  1. Show viewers what a day at the office is like for those working in your business. Transparency builds trust with consumers, even if you are streaming something that seems mundane to you, like a behind the scenes tour. Since Live is much more casual, viewers will sense the authenticity.
  2. Launch a new feature or product. Live will send notifications to your followers once you go live, so showcasing a new line for the first time with a simple presentation or funny live stream will get your target customers talking.
  3. Address customer questions, comments or concerns. The comments that you receive on your social media pages and blog are valuable insights into what your customers are thinking. Use Facebook Live to address them in a fun and spontaneous manner. Providing high-quality information in an engaging format is simple thanks to this innovative video tool.
  4. Promote upcoming events. Videos get better response rates than traditional posts, so this method can be much more successful for selling event tickets and encouraging attendance.
  5. Share events with those at home. In conjunction with the tip directly before this one, you can also use Facebook Live to show those at home what an event is like. Hosting a festival? Walk around on Live and show off the food vendors and music. At a trade show? Take a walk around the floor and show potential visitors where your booth is located.

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