Social media marketing is a rapidly expanding field full of promise for businesses of every size. Since many social media marketing plans are less expensive than traditional print campaigns, businesses with minuscule marketing budgets cling to it as the end all be all. However, social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy that should suck up the entirety of your marketing budget.

Social Media Isn’t the Only Tactic that Works 

Some businesses go “all in” on social media marketing because it is typically the easiest and least expensive way to reach a number of customers in any given area. While social media marketing is a free way to get some attention, if you don’t have a following on any of your social channels, you will just be shouting to an empty room. Without investing in your follower count and advertising, it is very difficult to grow an organic following rapidly.

Social Media Works Quickly 

Another key mistake that companies make when turning to social media marketing is assuming that things will move quickly. An effective social media strategy will not necessarily get results right away. It takes time to build a base of followers and fans that love your postings and purchase your products and services. If you are putting all of your eggs in one basket, social media might not be the one you should place them in. Instead, you should work with an experienced social media firm to set realistic goals for growth in quarterly or annual increments. How many followers should you have by the end of the year? What types of posts get the best engagement? Relying on experts takes the weight off of your shoulders.

A Well-Rounded Marketing Plan Is Essential 

The downsides of relying solely on social media marketing are clear. Every business should invest in a well-rounded marketing strategy that includes a website, a blog, a newsletter and social media postings. Together, these elements will grant you a web presence and grow it over time.

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