Customers today are different than the customers of 10 or 20 years ago. Beyond basic email newsletters, today’s consumers want tracking, personalization and thoughtful communications from your brand. While the most viral customer experience changes like virtual fitting rooms and same-day shipping get the most attention, there are many small changes you can make to optimize your customer experience and take a page from the book of today’s biggest brands.

Automated Personalization Isn’t a Paradox 

Many small businesses shun customer loyalty as a spending priority, even though loyalty programs are proven ways to increase customer satisfaction and boost the likelihood of a customer returning. While putting all of your eggs in the “new customer acquisition” basket is tempting, customer loyalty is a worthy investment if you want to scale things in the long-term. Today’s first-time customer could become a long-term brand advocate if you encourage the relationship.

Don’t Be Afraid of Data 

Data is a powerful tool if you know how to use it, but many small businesses are intimidated at the thought of using website metrics as a way to inform marketing and customer service strategies. Think of it this way—the more that you know about your customer, the better the customer experience you can deliver online and off-line. The data you gain from your website can help you to better market to customers in person, in your store and everywhere you go.

Multifaceted Marketing 

Customers today aren’t just online or in-person. Instead, consumers are everywhere—and they expect your brand to be too! If your target customers spend time on Instagram and LinkedIn, investing your entire marketing budget into a website and newsletter won’t get you the best possible results. The same is true for companies that spend generously on targeted social media ads without a mobile-optimized website. Today’s best brands know that multifaceted marketing is key to a great customer experience.

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