Any time that new technology is introduced, from Instagram stories to Facebook Live, there are many myths floating around about what the technology is and whether or not it actually benefits businesses. Artificial intelligence is the latest marketing trend to have the truth get swallowed up in a whole lot of hype. Here are 3 of the biggest myths about AI in marketing you should know:

AI Is Really Complicated and Really Expensive 

A 2017 survey of business owners and marketers found that almost half believed AI integration was too expensive and 30% thought AI was too complicated to integrate with existing initiatives. While artificial intelligence sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, it isn’t as expensive or labor-intensive as it sounds. Many AI platforms are designed with integration in mind, whether the integration is with your email marketing platform or an app.

AI Is Coming to Steal Your Job 

Many of the myths about AI and marketing come from the deep-seated fear that, like in I, Robot, robots are coming to steal our jobs. Despite what graphic novels and Will Smith want you to think, AI is designed to enhance human effort, not replace it. Expect marketing jobs to shift to more important, thought-based tasks and less to tedious tasks that can be completed with AI. This myth also comes into play with businesses who hope that buying a single commercial machine learning platform will save them the cost of employing hundreds of workers. You need employees and machine learning to be successful with AI implementation.

Personalization is the Same as AI 

Everyone knows how to create an email with the recipient’s name in it, and that is not the same thing as artificial intelligence. Machine learning creates real personalization, not just form personalization. AI has powerful marketing potential because it can learn why customers are buying products, predict future purchases and turn that data into actionable information. Don’t think that your current modest personalization efforts are going to be enough once more companies adopt AI.

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