Whether you’re intimidated at the thought of sitting down in a boardroom or you thrive when selling your products and services, there are countless sales myths that slow down entrepreneurs and small business owners. Could one of these lingering myths be preventing you from reaching sales superstardom?

Myth #1: Sales Is a Numbers Game 

While sales does involve numbers, you don’t need a huge quantity of clients, a big sales team or sky-high sales figures to be doing well. When prospecting, sending more emails and making more phone calls also doesn’t mean you will make more sales. Sales is about working smarter, not just harder. Think about your conversations and whether they are customer-focused and adapted to each customer’s needs or merely pushing your service or product on the other party. If you can improve your conversations, you’ll improve your conversion rate as well.

Myth #2: First Impressions Are Everything 

The first impression that you make is important, but the first few minutes of your conversation are not illuminating enough to determine whether a sale can be closed. Focus on making each meeting stimulating and interesting from start to finish by engaging your prospect. The first impression you make is formed over the entire meeting you have, not just the first couple of seconds.

Myth #3: Only Rookies Need Scripts 

Even the most experienced and successful sales professionals use sales plans and scripts to guide conversations. There is no shame in developing a script that increases your comfort level and ensures that you hit all of your relevant points. Don’t let this sales myth make you feel insecure about your need for an outline.

Myth #4: Price Is All That Matters 

As a sales professional, you need to know that price is not the only thing that matters to consumers. A convincing pitch shows why your product, service or add-ons add so much to the equation that price doesn’t matter. Many small and mid-sized businesses will spend more to get more, so don’t be afraid to state your case about why you’re worth it.

Don’t Fall for Sales Myths 

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