Have you ever pulled an old pair of jeans from the closet and tried to pull them on only to realize that the fit wasn’t what it used to be? Or, even if the jeans fit your body perfectly, the style just didn’t match your current vibe? The same feeling can happen with your business. How can you tell that it’s time to rebrand?

Whose Name Is It Anyway? 

The name that you painstakingly chose 20 years ago might not be such a great fit for your business and what you do anymore. While you probably have a great deal of loyalty to your current name, if it doesn’t match what you’re doing anymore, you should move on to a new name that’s a perfect fit.

You Cringe When You Hand Out Your Business Card 

Are you embarrassed to type out your URL in an email or pass out your business card? If you find yourself saying “I know it needs to be updated,” every time you network with a new person, the good news is that you already know the solution. Now you just need to put what you know into action and hire a professional.

You Look the Same 

Great branding is all about competitive differentiation. If your brand is lost among all of your competitors, it will always be difficult to attract new customers. If you take the time to rebrand and reposition yourself, you will make your brand more notable and more visible to consumers who want something different.

You’re Too Big for Your Britches 

Have you outgrown your old branding? Scaling can lead to new challenges and a need for a new suite of branding and marketing materials. Competing with bigger players in the field means updating what you have to offer and raising the bar.

You’ve Expanded Your Service Area 

In many cases, once companies grow to serve a national or international space (thanks to the internet), a regional name needs to change to reflect the updated service area. SoCal Accounting Solutions might need to rebrand when 50% of the client base is now in the Pacific Northwest.

You Want to Attract a New Audience 

Today, millennials are the hot audience every company wants to attract. Tomorrow, it will be post-millennials. While it seems silly to rip everything up and start again just to attract younger customers, a rebranding can change the way that audiences view you and open you up to a whole new world of customers.

Digital Marketing for Your Rebrand from My Content Co 

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