A beautiful website is great, but is it really making an impact if nobody sees it? There are many proven ways to increase website traffic without spamming your mailing list or investing thousands into pay-per-click ads.

Why Does Website Traffic Matter? 

Website traffic is a way to see how your website is performing and drive additional business growth. Website traffic:

  • Shows you how your marketing is working
  • Gives you access to analytics on your audience and how they browse your website
  • Improves your search engine ranking and credibility to search engines
  • Generates more leads

# Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic 

  1. Continually update your website with new content in the form of blog posts. Blog posts have keyword-packed meta descriptions to appeal to browsers and encourage search engines to crawl your website again. The more relevant your posts are, the higher that your website will rank for the associated keywords.
  2. Post to social media. If you have a Facebook page (or Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn), that is the perfect place to showcase your website and any new content on it. Your social media followers will click through to your website, generating quality traffic, and might even share what you posted with their followers to increase the reach.
  3. Use offer-specific landing pages. If you use discount codes, offer a free guide or a free trial for your service, directing users to a specific page will mean website traffic and a higher-quality browsing experience. Everything that the user is looking for will be right there!
  4. Target long-tail keywords instead of traditional short-tail keywords. While short-tail keywords are searched more often, it is much harder to rank on the first page for them. Long-tail keywords are easier to target and rank for, which means more traffic directed to your website and higher rankings for other keywords.
  5. Use email marketing to stay in touch with your customers. Sending out offers that link to your website or notifying mailing list members of an informative blog on your website will all increase traffic and boost your relationship with customers.
  6. Host a guest blog of a micro-influencer in your field. The reach that the influencer has, combined with your natural reach, will get your website in front of new eyes and give you more leads.
  7. Learn from the analytics that you get from your website. If you are throwing things at a dartboard and never turning around to see what sticks, it’s pointless. You should monitor analytics on your website to note trends, where traffic is coming from and what types of content perform the best. Constantly refining your strategy will pay off in the long run!

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