You can have wonderful customer service, a fabulous product and the best prices in your industry, but if you don’t have brand awareness, your business is built to fail. While there are many traditional ways to cultivate brand awareness, trying something different can get you great results that linger in the minds of your customers.

Use Branded Packaging 

When you receive something from Amazon, whether it’s in an envelope or a box, the package is stamped with the Amazon logo, name and sealed with Amazon Prime tape. There is no doubt, from the moment that you see the package, who it was sent from. More importantly, those subtle markers of the Amazon brand (arrow logo, blue color for Prime, etc.) all sink into your mind as markers of what the Amazon brand is. Branded packaging and mailing materials are excellent tools for brand awareness.

Don’t Shy Away from Social Media 

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all powerful places to build your brand awareness on a budget. Instagram, in particular, is terrific for creating brand awareness, because every post is shared with an image. The images you share will help to guide the image consumers have of your brand. Are you fun and family-oriented? Or are you sleek and modern? Make sure that your images and captions get this point across!

Start a Referral Program 

Some of your happiest and most loyal customers don’t always think to recommend your products and services to family and friends. It isn’t because they don’t love you, but it might be because you aren’t offering any incentive to do so. One example of referrals to build brand awareness is Dropbox. Every user who refers a friend gets an extra 500 MB of storage for life on the house. While this might not be the core of Dropbox now that it is a major player in cloud storage, it initially catapulted them to higher levels of growth.


Infographics are everywhere. Since these pictures are so shareable, investing in infographics could send your brand all around the internet. Infographics bring in new leads, link back to your website and help viewers get to know your brand.

Build Brand Awareness with My Content Co 

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