There are many reasons to have a website—advertising your business hours, showing off your new menu and displaying the most recent projects you’ve tackled. One of the most practical reasons to have a website is to get new leads. If your website is not optimized for leads, it will be hard to convince prospective customers to put in information to learn more. How can you make your site a powerful sales tool for your business?

Optimize the Process 

Is one of the most popular pages on your landscaping business’s site about lawn care? It shouldn’t have links that lead to blog posts on clearing out snow or taking care of pavement. It also shouldn’t have a call to action for a tree care consultation. Instead, everything on that page should be linked to the user learning more about lawn care. The call to action above your contact form should be for a free lawn consultation or $20 off lawn aeration. Keeping things topical is essential to capturing interest and turning that interest into a lead.

Use the Right Call to Action 

Calls to action (CTAs) are an essential part of every single page on your site. That doesn’t mean that every CTA needs to look the same or consist of the same boring 3-field form. Depending on the page, you could place the CTA:

  • At the bottom of a blog post to encourage the user to input contact information.
  • In the sidebar to encourage visitors to follow your business on social media.
  • On a blog post inviting users to tweet or share the article.
  • At the conclusion of a blog post asking users to comment their thoughts on a question posted in the blog.

Test What Works 

The CTA that works for 2016 might not cut it in 2018. You should continuously refine the content on your website to get the right number and type of leads for your business. You might not realize that one word converts better than another until you try two landing pages or two calls to action. Experimentation is key to getting it right and seeing big results.

Optimize Your Website with My Content Co 

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