Employer branding is a hot topic in the recruiting world right now, as the importance of maintaining a quality brand to attract both customers and employees becomes clearer. However, there are still many businesses holding onto antiquated ideas about employer branding. It’s time to lay some of these myths to rest, once and for all.

You Are Responsible for Building Your Employer Brand 

We don’t mean to scare you, but your employer brandalready exists, even if you haven’t tried to cultivate one. As long as you’ve been open for business and finding employees to staff your team, you have had an employer brand. Your current branding is a result of the perceptions that you give off as a potential employer, and it can be influenced by current team members, past employees and prospective employees that didn’t pan out.

You’re Going to Shell Out a Lot of Cash for Branding 

Your employer branding can closely mirror your consumer branding, but the two concepts are not the same. Since your employer brand is already an existing thing, it will never cost as much to refine it as it would to start a consumer brand from scratch. You should also remember that you already have a full team of employer brand advocates at your disposal—your employees! Build up your employees and teach them company values. By making your employees into true team members, you will also make them into excellent employer branding advocates.

You’re Going Along with Another Fad 

Some companies are skeptical of employer branding because the term seemed to suddenly emerge onto the landscape. However, employer branding has always been something important; it just didn’t have a snappy name. The primary shift in terms of the “trend” of employer branding occurred as finding and recruiting the best employees became more competitive. With low unemployment rates and many companies seeking out the top employees, employer branding matters more now than ever before. Candidates want to know what it’s like to work for your company, not just that their skills fit the bill.

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