As social media marketing continues to evolve, it seems like all of the rules have changed. However, while the rules might be changing over time, many of the core laws have remained the same. What are the base laws of social media marketing that your business needs to obey?

Talk Less, Listen More 

Successful content marketing requires listening to your target audience. Read what your audience is saying online (about other content or your existing content) and learn what matters to them. Only by listening can you create valuable conversations and better tailor your content.

Quality Over Quantity 

It is always better to have 1,000 people following the content that you create and commenting, reading and sharing than it is to have 10,000 people who don’t read your content or unfollow right after finding you.


Business success typically doesn’t happen overnight, and social media and content marketing success are no different. Viral posts happen, and occasionally lightning can be captured in a bottle, but it’s much better to stay consistent and be patient than to spend your time chasing the next thing. A well-planned social media marketing strategy will eventually pay off. A strategy of hopping from the next viral trend to the next is a big question mark.

Compounding Growth 

One of the best things about posting high-quality, curated social media content is that you will be able to collect interest on it. When your audience loves what you have shared, they will share it with their own audience on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. The discussions surrounding your content will get your social media pages and website more traffic and also give plenty of new points for search engines to find in keyword searches. This grows your online presence without needing to spend a penny on an advertisement.

Acknowledge Your Audience 

Would you ignore an inquiry you get through your website’s contact form? What about a customer who walked into your retail location? The answer should be a firm no. The same is true with the people who comment and share your posts, as well as those who send direct messages. Engage with your audience to build relationships that will boost both your bottom line and your online presence.

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