Creatives expect different things from a workplace than more traditional employees. Instead of prioritizing money, status and stability first, many creatives flock to jobs that offer a sense of fun and opportunity. While that doesn’t mean you can get away not offering creative talent money and stability, it does mean that you should go about recruiting in a different way.

Showcase Your Personality in Creative Talent Job Listings

First impressions matter for both prospective employees and prospective employers. Your job posting is your first opportunity to attract the perfect creative talent for you. Creatives want to work for companies that have personality, so use your job listing as a way to express who you are. Keep listings friendly but professional and you’ll stand out to top employees searching for the right fit.

Provide Flexibility

More than other types of employees, creatives want work environments that let them express themselves while still executing a high level of work. Whether it’s remote working, more casual dress codes or flexible break schedules, small changes to work systems that don’t affect productivity can help creative talent to thrive. Trusting your creatives to work by themselves will establish a healthy work environment and could provide you with even higher levels of productivity.

Offer Creative Freedom

Creative freedom is essential to attracting and retaining talent. If individuals feel that ideas are not valued or important, they will take ideas elsewhere. Creative freedom allows your employees to identify areas of improvement and find solutions, which benefits everyone at your business. The best creatives and innovators of our time have shown time and time again how important curiosity, exploration and agility are to growth and innovation.

Offer Appealing Benefits

If you’re offering benefits but not the right kind of benefits for creative talent, it can be tricky to keep good talent around. Fun perks appeal to creatives more, including team-building activities, outings as a group and team lunches. Creatives are also more likely to appreciate a birthday celebration than other types of workers. Not sure what benefits would appeal to creative talent? Ask the creatives currently on your team!

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