You finally pieced together the perfect emailing marketing campaign and sent it out, only to find that the open rates are low, many subscribers are deleting before opening and your hard work is falling on deaf ears. How can you write emails that get opened every time?

8 Ways to Write Emails that Get Opened 

  1. Don’t think about your list. Instead, think about the audience for your email as one person. While it’s important to still provide information for all of your subscribers, reframing the audience for your message helps you to write more personally. After all, would you rather read an email from a close friend or a faceless corporation?
  2. Never send an email that doesn’t have a purpose. If you want to write emails that get opened, you need to write emails that contain important, valuable or relevant information.
  3. Don’t personalize emails too much. While that sounds contrary to what we said above, it’s important to not use names too frequently in emails. It makes it seem like you’re using a call center script and not trying to communicate naturally.
  4. Always give subscribers an incentive to read your email. What benefit do they receive from opening? Do you offer quick tips to help them simplify their lives? Do you encourage them or inspire them? Do you give them a special discount? To write emails that get opened, you must write emails that have an incentive for people to open them.
  5. Use a number to tell people what’s inside. Notice how the title for this blog includes a number? It’s one of the simplest ways to ensure a high open rate for short attention spans.
  6. Don’t let your emails get too long. Bullet points, images and shorter articles cater to people who don’t have much time and prevent users from deleting the second that the length email loads.
  7. Are your emails a little boring? Know how to recognize when you’re writing mindlessly and not with personality and spunk. Think of it this way—your subscribers spend all day sifting through dull work emails and copy-paste solicitations. Would you want to open another boring email?
  8. Know when to get help. My Content Co specializes in email marketing, and we know how to write emails that get opened. From the best time to send your email to the most effective subject lines, you can rest easy and benefit from emails that get opened every time.

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