The holiday season is here, which means many small business owners are alternating glances at their checking accounts and the wonderful, capable employees that helped them find success in 2018. However, the gifts you wish you could give your employees aren’t always the ones you can afford to give. Here are our best tips to reward great employees at your small business without breaking the bank.

6 Affordable Ways to Reward Great Employees 

  1. Company Swag: Any company swag won’t do (we’re looking at you, pencils given to employees who do 100% of their work on computers), but unique and thoughtful gifts are a great choice. Is your office always cold? Nice branded zip-ups are a perfect gift. Does your right-hand woman love golf? A nice set of branded golf balls is an inexpensive and useful gift.
  2. Tickets: If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget or a smaller number of employees, tickets to sporting events or concerts can be a fantastic gift. Tickets can be expensive, and using local sports team tickets as a way to reward great employees will show you care and give your best team members lasting memories.
  3. Team Outings: Heading to the movies, a bowling alley, a local brewery or a nice restaurant is a double-duty way to reward great employees and spend time team building.
  4. Books: Books are a powerful personal development tool. If some of your employees are avid readers, giving a book that appeals to their interests shows that you care about them and want them to grow.
  5. Happy Hour: Office happy hours are an enduring way to bond and reward great employees for one reason in particular—everyone loves them! Schedule a happy hour at a favorite local spot after a long day at the office and cover the tab to say thank you.
  6. Gas Cards: A gas card might seem like an odd gift, but there are few things that employees appreciate more. Gas cards are also more practical than restaurant gift cards since gas stations are much less polarizing than restaurants.

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